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Multi-Purpose Pallets

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Printing & Converting Pallets

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Roll Pallets

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Corrugated Products & Sleeves

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Steel Pallets (Carbon and Stainless)

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Stratis Pallets

Stratis, a brand of Snyder Industries,  is the industry’s largest manufacturer of solid wall and steel reinforced plastic pallets, and fabricated carbon and stainless steel pallets, providing material handling solutions in both standard and custom pallet designs for a variety of markets, such as printing, pharmaceutical, machine tools, packaging, food, and chemical.  Stratis pallets are uniquely designed to meet specific application requirements, while optimizing the durability and long term performance of every pallet we produce. As a result, Stratis pallets deliver a substantially longer useful life and improved functionality in comparison to plastic pallets built from other processes. View our complete line of standard pallets, or contact us about your special application requirements.

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Stratis Plastic Pallets Dunnage King Clearance Sale! Call for details & pricing.

Dunnage King Clearance Sale!

Dunnage King's multiple uses include:

  • Bulk Food Display Fixtures
  • Island Display Fixtures
  • End Cap Display Fixtures
  • Retail Stores
  • Processing Plants
  • Automotive Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants

Call now for clearance sale pricing:

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Stratis Plastic Pallets Durability Test

Durability Test

Stratis Pallets are uniquely processed with high impact strength polyethylene, which delivers unparalleled durability and long term pallet performance, providing customers with a superior useful life to cost ratio in comparison to plastic pallets made from other processes.
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Stratis Plastic Pallets & Products

Industry's Broadest Pallet Offering

Stratis Pallets are availabe in a wide variety of standard product configurations and sizes, ranging from 21" (53 cm) to 82" (208 cm), and custom designed pallets can be engineered from either steel or plastic material constructions with virtually no size or load limitations.
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Bonar Plastic Containers Website

Bonar Bulk Containers and Bins

Bonar Plastics, another leading brand of Snyder Industries, offers a complete line of bulk containers, bins, and hoppers to service other material handling needs.

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